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28 February - 04 March 2017 // Bulawayo, ZW








Celebrating Technology Startups, technology and innovation in Southern Africa

The TechFest is an annual disruptive multi-day and multi-venue event run by the TechVillage that will introduce and explore new local technologies and innovations that will change the status quo and shape industries in the future.

>The TechFest brings together entrepreneurs and hackers from the startup world, industry leaders and policy makers from the private and public sector as well as investors and financiers to discuss key issues surrounding technology in Africa and understand the state of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship.

The Festival seeks to identify and celebrate the daring young innovators that are rebuilding industries and cities, whilst educating the public on the role that technology can play in their everyday lives. It is an action packed 5 days of exhibitions, hackathons, street pitches, workshops and breakaway sessions, as well as satellite events held across the city of Bulawayo.

The TechFest brings into play a set of new and immersive activities that will help attendees and participants get the most out of the entire Festival. The Festival will run across multiple venues so as to involve as many organisations that are each contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. These organisations will run satellite events in their respective locations throughout the week.

It is also structured to help entrepreneurs learn new skills that will help them build scalable solutions through the Hackathons, and expert-led breakaway sessions. The TechFest will also provide industry players the platform to leverage on agile innovators to find solutions to the problems plaguing their sectors through the community hacks. It will be a step up from the traditional pitching events that have become synonymous with Tech events with the official launch of street pitches, a gamified product validation process that involves actual customers that gives entrepreneurs raw and realistic feedback on their ideas. It’s all about understanding the state of entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The TechFest is meant to involve everyone in the innovation value chain, from the innovator right through to the customer/user. The TechFest is the intersection of Technology, Policy and Regulation, Business and the Market. It is modelled to cater for a wide range of interests: Startup Developers, Investors, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Creatives, Non-profits, Students, Designers, Executives, Marketers, Samall and Medium Business Owners, Working Professionals, Service Providers and the general public.

Event Schedule

The Schedule of Events for the Festival


Street Pitches Entrepreneur Registration kicks off

A Welcome to the city of Bulawayo and infroming participants and attendess on the order of events


An unstructured social event to wind down the day's activities and network

A session to recap the activities of the previous day and move into the new one

A session to recap the activities of the previous day and move into the new one

A session to recap the activities of the previous day and move into the new one

A session to recap the activities of the previous day and move into the new one

A session to recap the activities of the previous day and move into the new one

A session to recap the activities of the previous day and move into the new one

Hackers present on the solutions that have built during the Previous Night's Hackathon

Satellite Event on all the stages in developing a startup into a viable business begins at Skyhub

Startups and Technology Vendors showcase their products

Satellite Youth In Entrepreneurship Event begins

An Overnight gaming tournament with multiple Participants kicks off

A closed barbaque hosted by the Techvillage for select attendees and entrepreneurs

An unstructured social event to wind down the day's activities and network

Registration for conferences and plenary sessions begin

A session by Mr Maphosa on the role of technology in the way that it is shaping business and growth across the sub saharan continent. Speaking to his personal journey in building companies and the future of his work as a transnational multi-millionaire

A breakaway Session on how Entepreneur can be profitable just enough to stay afloat while they build their product

A break for Tea

A breakaway Session on Financial Sustainability

A session on how On-Demand services are becoming increasing Popular in Africa and how to Build for Africa

Enterprise Development: How to grow a software business in the face of globalised competition.

LUNCH : Round Table Discussions

Workshop : Paying your dues: When and How to Pay taxes

Social at work: the role of Social media in the enterprise

Hackathon Finale Presentation

Networking After Party

Community Hacks Finale and presentations

Corporate Innovation, how companies can leverage on Startups for Growth

Startups and the Law: Navigating regulation, Licensing and Policies

Break for Tea

Investing in Startups, The Investor Checklist

Marketplaces of the Future: Identity, Reputation and Trust.

Value Chain business and the diversification of industry.

LUNCH: Round Table Discussions

Trans-National Startups: Collaborating Across Borders

Support Systems for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Hubs, Incubators and Accelerators

Creating an inclusive enviroment for tech entrepreneurs.

Empowering communities through social entrepreneurship

Key Note Address Startups Our Past, Present and the Future (By the TechVillage)

Recap of launches & announcements followed as a prelude to the closure of the Festival

Neon Party

“The one thing that every entrepreneur should understand: Nobody cares about your idea.....until it solves their problem!! ”

Takunda Chingonzoh

We are approaching a tipping point and this is not the first time. There has been and always is a moment in history when you feel that something is about to change. A simple idea emerges and starts to break the rules of the norm. It grows, slowly invading everyone’s thinking, suggesting a vision of a world that no longer works in the way you expected or were preparing for, for so long. It scares you, ignoring it makes it grow bigger, its aggregate size looming, threatening your very existence. Some call them start-ups, others, disruptors, whatever they are. They are here to stay, and its time to embrace them. Welcome to the TechFest, home of our most innovative disruptors, Innovators and game changers.

Welcome to the Techfest, home of our most
Innovative disruptors , Innovators

to converge

and interact

Festival Events

Grab some coffee & donates and have a seat.

Street Pitches

Street Pitches are an initiative by the TechVillage that helps entrepreneurs to actually benefit from the pitching process by taking them out of the traditional event type pitch, and taking them onto the street to pitch to the public and to passer-by’s. This helps the entrepreneurs to simplify their pitch and articulate it in a way the average non-tech savvy person can understand. It also helps to validate the product and concept and ensure that the product/startup is viable in itself. For the TechFest the street pitch will have two components to it spread over the two days. The objective here is to get them to pitch to the open public to which they want to sell their product to, and then to advisors who will give them personalised feedback before they exhibit at the TechMart (2 hour TechFest Exhibition.)

Street Pitch Day One: Entrepreneurs will hit the streets armed with the street pitch application that helps collect data on signups and interested customers. The app will collect this data and send it to a leader board to show the entrepreneurs closest to meeting their street pitch goals (number of pitches, number of sign ups etc.) That data will become very useful on day 2.

Street Pitch Day Two : All entrepreneurs who would have exceeded the minimum number of signups will participate in an advisor pitch. Advisors, Investors and Industry leaders will be asked to spend at most 3 hours either in a car that drives around the city, or in a restaurant. Entrepreneurs will receive notifications to then go to specific locations (restaurants) to meet with and pitch to the advisers/investors and receive personalised feedback on their progress and growth trajectory over 20 minutes.

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Community Hacks

community hacks are an initiative by The TechVillage that leverages on the company’s immense knowledge base and communities to help private sector companies and the public sector accelerate their research and development efforts by crowd sourcing innovation and solutions without ballooning the costs associated with such an undertaking.

Depending on the nature of the “hack”, participants of the community hack (referred to as “hackers”) work in a team or a number of teams to solve the problem; the depth of the problem-solving process varying from just theorising and proposing viable solutions, to the development of actual products and testing market viability.

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The Techfest hackathon is unlike most hackathons in Zimbabwe in the sense that it focuses purely on the hacks themselves and not the entire business model. We are looking at people who can come up with new and interesting hacks that can later be developed into products and possibly startups. We will be looking for cool, trendy, fascinating innovation.

All hackers will be provided with all the resources that they will require during the 24hr hackathon. Resources include hosting space, domain names, API’s and other resources which will be provided by our partners. We are expecting over 25 hacks for the TechFest.

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Satellite events are events run by different organisations that have partnered with the Techvillage that will be held during the duration of the TechFest. These events will help participants and attendees who are interested in specific sectors, skills and activities to benefit the most from those whilst promoting the diversity in the Festival, appreciating the applications of Technology in different industries and sectors.

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Networking After Parties (NAPs)

Networking After Parties are intended to facilitate conversations by participants in a less formal and relaxed setting over drinks, snacks and soft music. These will be held on most days in which the festival will occur.

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Neon Party

The Neon Party is a glow in the dark music conference to be held near the conference event which will mostly feature Electronic Dance Music and House Music

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Total Workshops


Important Topics


Talented Speakers


Total Guests

Event Price List

Entrance will be free for all Keynote sessions. There will be fees for closed sessions and access to some workshops, these will be made available as they come

Expo Passes


  • Exhibition on Innovation Buoulevard
  • 2 x 3 metres Exhibition Stand
  • Refreshments
  • 1 Closed Workshop

Hacker Passes


  • Entry into overnight Hackathon
  • Dinner, Coffees and Snacks
  • Hackathon Regalia
  • 1 Closed Workshop

TechCon Days


  • One Conference Day Access
  • Keynote Seesions
  • Workshops & Breakaway Sessions
  • Teas/Coffees & Lunch

Gamer Pass


  • Techfest LAN Party
  • Snacks and Refreshments
  • LAN Party Regalia
  • Networking After Party

Neon Party Pass


  • Pass to Neon Party
  • Glow Sticks and Paint
  • Free Drink and Snacks
  • Opening Cocktail

Trep Pass


  • All Event Access (Minus Neon and LAN Party)
  • Networking After Parties
  • Meals
  • Conference Regalia

Satellite Events

Here is a list of satellite events that will be running through the duration of the Techfest. Get in touch to run a satellite event during the Festival

The Devshop
The Devcamp
Maker Meetup
How to Build a startup
Technology for Entreprise
User Centric Design & Dev

Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel

Recommended on-venue accommodation provider

The Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel is the preferred on-venue accommodation provider for participants and attendees as it is the venue where most keynote events and plenary sessions will be held.

Reservations Office (263) 9 881 273-9


Recommended for food and snacks during festival

Whenever you feel like grabbing a bite at any of the venues of the Festival, just tap away on the Foodie app and one a Foodie runner will be there with you in no time

Ayanda (263) 77 952 2056

Let's go

Recommeded for transportation

For ride-sharing during the duration of the event to and from satellite event location or getting a ride from one City to and from Bulawayo. Let's go will make it much more convinient

Larry (263) 77 460 0054

Frequently Ask Questions

If you have questions about anything other than what has been listed please feel free to drop us an email.

The TechVillage is the culmination of years of entrepreneurial work that was initially rooted in and powered by virtual communities spread out across the country and the world. As the Village expands, its physical spaces model follows the establishment of a community first. The TechVillage provides collaborative working space for early stage ventures and also houses entrepreneurs and freelancers who are building and growing their products and Start-ups (read more)
The TechFest will focus primarily on early stage ventures and emerging technologies and will accommodate innovators still at the idea and product stages of development as well.
Send an email to: who will be handling all satellite events.
TechFest tickets will be made available at The Rainbow Hotel. We will notify you when they become available.

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